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Drawing Out the Muses is based on the premise that visual inspiration can be found anywhere; in nature, with household objects, though sound, using raw visual elements, dreams and even from being uninspired. This book shows you how sources of creativity can be found absolutely everywhere, and at anytime; while giving you countless ways of looking at absolutely anything resulting in infinite forms of expression.

Artists will learn about the nature of creativity and different ways of seeing things, with over 300 fun and serious examples, step-by-step processes, exercises, ideas, explorations, things to do, and ways of interpreting the world around you, most with multiple variations from which to choose. Every last one is designed to give you something to work on or play with, while helping to spark your own creativity in the process.

Drawing Out the Muses was written for all visual artists by any definition, who may be at any career level from beginner to accomplished professional, and working in any medium, including traditional crafts. It is for any visually-oriented person who is interested in expanding their own creativity. Designers, students, hobbyists, educators, workshop leaders and event planners will find this book considerably useful.

Drawing Out the Muses is the newly revised and updated version of Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks, now as an Ebook.

Why just survive, when you can thrive?

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence book coverPricing Your Artwork with Confidence:
A detailed guide to understanding and calculating the actual cost of creating artwork. Helping artists of all kinds become well-informed and self-confident, while developing a solid pricing structure. Topics include raising prices, growing your career, being comfortable with money issues, and how to separate business and creativity when necessary. Written by an experienced artist who believes that knowledge is power.

Finally! A detailed guide to understanding and calculating the actual cost of creating your artwork! Become a well-informed and self-confident artist! Learn how to develop a solid pricing structure for yourself!

Testimonials for Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence:

"Ms. Levin's book gives artists a much needed springboard for tackling the overwhelming idea of putting a price tag on a piece of work. She defines and offers solid strategies to dealing with the psychology associated with pricing artwork on every level possible. I recommend this book to each and every client and student I work with. I highly commend Ms. Levin for creating such a useful tool for the artist community."
– Freea Sarti, Art Marketing Consultant

From the A.C.T. Teleclass:

"I listened to the Alexandria Levin recording today. She made a tough subject – pricing one's art – sound so sensible! I ordered her book. Thanks for thinking to invite her as a guest speaker. She was very good."
– H.M., Massachusetts

Ebook coming soon!

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Imagine having unlimited creativity!

Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks book coverCreatively Unblocking Creative Blocks:
Giving people years worth of hands-on creative exercises to follow and a lifetime of understanding for developing one's own creative ability. This book is based on the premise that inspiration can be found anywhere; in nature, through sound, using raw visual elements, dreams and even from the state of being uninspired. For artists in any medium, and at any level from professional to beginner, who desire unlimited creative potential.

For less than the cost of just one afternoon workshop, you can have years worth of creative exercises and a lifetime of understanding for
developing your own creative ability.

Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks is a superb and straighforward quick-start guide to get one’s mental juices going and find dramatic, emotionally moving ideas in the most humble surroundings. Highly Recommended."– Midwest Book Review,
Small Press Bookwatch

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