Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks

Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks is packed with valuable information about the nature of creativity, new ideas you can use, different ways of seeing things and step-by-step processes. This book contains over 300 exercises; all designed for the multiple purposes of seeing, thinking, doing and/or awakening your own creative potential. Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks shows you how sources of inspiration can be found absolutely everywhere, and at anytime!

This version of the book inludes a bonus chapter based on a college-level course designed to explore the fascinating worlds that exist between realism and abstraction.

From the chapter:
About Using Restrictions and Guidelines for Stimulating Creativity

Take the color yellow, various linear elements and the number three. Now, apply that to any medium, style or approach to making a piece of art, or maybe even a series of pieces. The variety of interpretations among artists will be stunning. Or try this: Which of the two following points is more stimulating to your creativity?

1. Be creative. C’mon, go ahead.
2. Create something, anything in your chosen medium utilizing the following visual elements; the color yellow, an assortment of lines and the number three.

See? Chances are you immediately saw something, maybe a flash of a picture came to mind, or within a few minutes an idea for a trio of pieces came to you. Even these three simple elements have stimulated creative thought. You saw those elements compiled in not quite the same way as the next person reading this chapter saw them. The important thing is that you saw something, anything. You are probably still seeing the images right now. And you will keep seeing them, maybe even rearranging them for a few minutes, quite possibly longer. You are a visual person. You cannot help that.

Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks – Table of Contents

0. Introduction
1. About the Nature of Creativity and Inspiration
2. About Serious Play and Not Worrying
3. About Using Restrictions and Guidelines for Stimulating Creativity
4. About Brainstorming and Free-Writing
5. About the Basic Visual Elements of Art

Composition, Color, Contrast, Light, Shadow, Mass, Line, Edge, Balance, Tension, Pattern, Repetition, Perspective, Path, Triangles, Form, Texture, Material, Space, Size and Volume, Object, Subject and Meaning
6. About Abstraction and Creativity
7. About Translating from One Medium to Another
8. Intro to Finding Inspiration
9. Finding Inspiration in Nature

Bees, Leaves, the Beach, the Sky, Cactus
10. Finding Inspiration in the Urban World
Windows, Traffic Lights, Subway, Abandoned Factories
11. Finding Inspiration in Household Stuff
Pillows, Shoes, the Bath, Eyeglasses, Bowls
12. Finding Inspiration in Daily Routines
Doing Laundry, Eating Breakfast, Lounging on the Sofa, Arguing, Housecleaning
13. Finding Inspiration in the Visual Elements
Composition, Color, Contrast, Light, Shadow, Mass, Line, Edge, Balance, Symmetry, Horizon Lines, Odds and Evens, Edges in Balance, Tension, Pattern, Repetition, Perspective, Path, Triangles, Form, Texture, Material, Space, Size and Volume, Object, Subject and Meaning
14. Finding Inspiration in Music and Sound
The Power of Sound, Seeing Sound, Where Sound Can Be Found, Ambient Sound and
Vibration, Word-Sounds, Human Speech, Animal Talk, Street Noise, Particular Sounds, Seeing Music, Rhythm, Melody and Harmony, Notes, Keys, Chords

15. Finding Inspiration in Language
Synesthesia, Free-Writing, Where to Find the Written Word, The Sound of Words, The Visual Style of Writing, The Shape of Words, Tags and Labels, Hybrid Words, Learn Another Language, Random Words in Art, Color Poem, Solitary Letters
16. Finding Inspiration in Life Events
Moving to a New City, Adopting a Pet, Losing or Leaving a Job, Falling in Love, Learning to Ride a Bike
17. Finding Inspiration in Various States of Being
Comfort, Confidence, Confusion, Curiosity, Exhaustion and Fatigue, Frustration, Fury, Happiness, Sadness
18. Finding Inspiration in Dreams
A Bit About Dreams, Clean-Out-Your-Head Dreams, Inspirational Dreams, Premonition Dreams, Repetitive Dreams, Nightmares, Incorporating Reality Dreams, Telepathic Dreams, Dream Interpretations, Lucid Dreaming, Making Requests, Dream Journals, Turning Dreams into Art, Color in Dreams
19. Finding Inspiration in Being Uninspired
Fear, Time Out, Don’t Obsess Just Do Something, Get the Ball Rolling, Bored, Blank,
Nothingness, The Void, Emptiness, Emptying Out, Space, Holes, Dull Lackluster Beige Dust, Being Stuck, Walls, Blocks, Creative Blocks

20. Bonus: Pulling Abstraction from Realism
A Simple Definition of Abstraction, A Simple Definition or Two of Realism, Basic Realism from Still-Life, Flat Graphic from Still-Life, Basic Cubism from Still-Life, Layers and
Transparency from Roomscape, Color from Still-Life, Line, Pattern, Movement, Abstract Surrealism from Self-Portrait, Abstract Surrealism from Landscape

21. Summary: The Musician Parallel

Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks book cover

Creatively Unblocking
Creative Blocks

Over 300 fun ways to get your creative motor going again

Painted Jay Publishing
Author: Alexandria Levin
ISBN: 0-9743267-1-2
6x9 trade paperback, 204 pages
$24.95 US

Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks book cover

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