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Alexandria Levin was born and raised in New York City. Her adolescence was spent in central New Jersey, where she began painting during her senior year of high school. Soon after graduation, at the age of seventeen, she moved on her own to Boston. She has also lived for extensive periods of time in San Francisco, Albuquerque, and Philadelphia, before recently moving to the Pacific Northwest.

Ms. Levin is more of a self-taught artist than not, despite having a BFA with honors in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and has remained true to her own artistic vision over the years. Exhibiting since 1981, she has always been serious about the career details of being an artist.

author as a young childShe has been a part-time freelance graphic artist since 1982. Freelancing has allowed her the dedication to painting, with exhibiting and continuing her own education by frequenting museums, conscientiously observing the world of art, and exploring materials, techniques, and creative approaches. Her other art-related experience includes organizing and presenting visual arts exhibitions and various mixed-media events, and consulting as a working artist with an artists’ rights organization. Alexandria Levin has also taught painting and drawing, and has been the featured speaker for art business teleclasses.

The written word has continually been evident in Ms. Levin’s life. She began writing poetry and essays at the age of fifteen, some of which have been published in various periodicals and literary journals over the years. With Painted Jay Publishing, she is now writing and producing whole books. In the independent spirit of do-it-yourself, and with a long and successful history of great writers doing the same, self-publishing has unquestionably been her first and best choice.

At the tail end of the fleabitten summer of 2009, Alexandria began online publishing with the blog; Bright Pink Smile – a different sort of art blog. It is somewhat neglected at the moment, as other projects have taken precedence in recent years, but there is much about living the artist’s life in the archives.

Ms. Levin’s author page at now online at Amazon.

Other biographical tidbits can be found on these two web pages:

author as a young child

Writing biographette

“I went to art school. Twice. Massachusetts College of Art as a teenager, and then SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute), where I received my BFA. I became a painter at 17 years of age. At the age of 22, I fell into a graphics job by accident. When I was 24, I went freelance, and I have been self-employed ever since, which has allowed me time to pursue my own creative work. However, before all of this, it was at the age of 15 that I began to write poetry. Poetry came first, and it has threaded itself throughout my life. Those threads often hold everything else together. I was a writer before I was a painter/designer.”

More about the author

(from her latest book)

Alexandria Levin is an oil painter, lyric poet, graphic designer, front-end web developer, non-fiction writer, creative coach, and cat person.

She dabbles in 2-D mixed-media, fiber arts, beading, music, baking, gardening, and petting dogs.

Alexandria is currently learning about performing spoken word, building sites from scratch in the CSS Grid Layout, and being free after so very long.

As a highly creative small creature, she can sometimes be found wandering around in wonder, doing calculations, being lost in a dream, turning gears, curling up, taking notes, taking photos, taking stock, treasure hunting in thrift stores, pondering clouds and trees, poking at rocks, singing to herself while driving, singing to herself while painting, singing to herself while walking down the street... And talking to crows.