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Drawing Out the Muses

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Drawing Out the Muses
Find and develop unlimited creative inspiration from the everyday world

Updated and revised from, and previously published as; Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks – Over 300 fun ways to get your visual creative motor going again!

Painted Jay Publishing, LLC
Author: Alexandria Levin
ebook ISBN: 978-0-9743267-2-6
$9.99 US ebook
First Edition ebook
$16.99 US print
Second Edition book
Published 2014

Book and cover design: Alexandria Levin
Cover painting: Stegosaurus, ©2008, Alexandria Levin

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Drawing Out the Muses is based on the premise that visual inspiration can be found anywhere: in nature, with household objects, listening to sound, utilizing raw visual elements, remembering dreams, and yes, even from feeling uninspired. This book shows you how sources of creativity can be found absolutely everywhere, while giving you countless ways of looking at absolutely anything, resulting in infinite forms of visual expression.

With over 300 fun and serious exercises, concepts, examples, step-by-step processes, explorations, and various things to do, artists will learn more about their own innate creativity, different ways of seeing things, and new ways of interpreting the world. Every idea is designed to give you something to work on, or to play with, for the sole purpose of helping to spark your own creativity in the process.

Drawing Out the Muses was written for all visual artists by any definition, at any career level from beginner to accomplished professional, and working in any medium, including traditional crafts. It is for any visually-oriented person who is interested in expanding their own creativity.

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From the introductory chapter:
Using Restrictions and Guidelines for Stimulating Creativity

Consider the color yellow, various linear elements and the number three. Now, apply that to any medium, style or approach to making a piece of art, or maybe even a series of pieces. The variety of interpretations among artists will be stunning. Or try this: Which of the two following points is more stimulating to your creativity?

1. Be creative. C’mon, go ahead.
2. Create something, anything in your chosen medium utilizing the following visual elements; the color yellow, an assortment of lines, and the number three.

See? Chances are you immediately saw something, maybe a flash of a picture came to mind, or within a few minutes an idea for a trio of pieces came to you. Even these three simple elements have stimulated creative thought. You saw “yellow, lines, and three” compiled in not quite the same way as anyone else reading this chapter saw them. The notable thing is that you saw something, anything. You are probably still seeing the images right now. And you will keep seeing them, maybe even rearranging them for at least a few minutes, quite possibly longer. You are a visual person. You cannot help this.

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