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Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonials for Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence

“As an Art Marketing Consultant, I constantly coach artists on the topic of pricing their work. Ms. Levin’s book gives artists a much needed springboard for tackling the overwhelming idea of putting a price tag on a piece of work. It is a sensitive area for so many artists, as they have so much of themselves invested into each piece of work they create. She really gets to the crux of the matter by melting fear away for artists with her wisdom that comes from her own experiences in the art world. She defines and offers solid strategies to dealing with the psychology associated with pricing artwork on every level possible. I recommend this book to each and every client and student I work with. I highly commend Ms. Levin for creating such a useful tool for the artist community.”
– Freea Sarti, Art Marketing Consultant

“Understanding how to price artwork in regard to sales commissions may not be rocket science but it can be squirrely, particularly with the many different ways galleries and other venues handle the issue. The material in Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence helps to demystify this important topic for artists and offers useful guidance on how to navigate the gray areas. Ms. Levin is an experienced artist and her advice will help those in the art biz negotiate pricing with confidence.”
– Peri Pakroo, Director, Media Rights Foundation

“I just wanted to say how brilliant your book is & what a great help it has been. It’s astonishing to unveil a common sense guide to pricing & see where I have been going wrong. I’m not too good with figures so I need to double-check what I have worked out, but I think I am on the right track now. It is so great to finally have a pricing strategy that I feel confident in & that I feel is thoroughly justified & backed up with facts.”
– Maria Heskins, Artist

“Finally, somebody has come up with a sensible, brass tacks approach to guide the working artist in the practical, real-world side of marketing, exhibiting, etc. Ms. Levin, a fine and careful painter and writer, shares her survival skills with others involved in making sense out of art beyond aesthetics. Kudos to her, and use well what you find herein.”
– Lia Lynn Rosen, MA, artist, arts educator, and consultant

“The writing is lucid, smart and thorough. I’m impressed with how successfully Ms. Levin has navigated through the complex systems of everything from commerce to non-profit, and to see how lucky those who read the book will be to have a resource from someone who not only knows the field inside and out, but who can, and did, write about it.”
– Scott Davis, photographer

“Ms. Levin debunks some dubious myths about the art world and manages to do so without being at all discouraging to the practicing and aspiring artist. She reminds artists that their own self-worth must be reasonable and unswerving.”
– Margaret Blonder, artist

Artist Career Training

Their April 2004 Book-of-the-Month is Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence.

The Paint Rag

Association of Hawai’i Artists, June 2004 newsletter. Book recommendation for Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence. “Great Book”
– Patrice Federspiel, editor

From the A.C.T. Teleclass about Pricing Artwork:

“I listened to the Alexandria Levin recording today. She made a tough subject – pricing one’s art – sound so sensible! I ordered her book. Thanks for thinking to invite her as a guest speaker. She was very good.”
– H.M., Massachusetts

Review excerpt from ‘Not enough book shelves’ at Amazon for Drawing Out the Muses:

“...The author speaks to her readers in an easy, whimsical, and relaxed way throughout the book. Her writing voice is so comfortable I can envision sitting in her kitchen, drinking tea, and having a brainstorming session with my newfound friend... Anyone stuck in a creative rut and in need of a change, looking for new ideas or a different way of approaching projects would benefit from Drawing Out the Muses. Thank you, Ms. Levin, for a treasure of a book.”

Reviews for the original Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks

(Now the revised Drawing Out the Muses)

Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, October, 2004:

“For authors it’s called “writer’s block”. What’s not so widely known is that this condition also afflicts other creative artists whether their medium is painting, sculpture, photography, dance, or music. In Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks, artist Alexandria Levin shares more than 300 ways for the “blocked” artist to get unblocked and begin to find inspiration and motivation once again. Methodologies include brainstorming, translating between mediums, finding inspiration in the most ordinary of household items, day-to-day language, life events, dreams, and more, or simply drawing abstraction from realism. Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks is a superb and straighforward quick-start guide to get one’s mental juices going and find dramatic, emotionally moving ideas in the most humble surroundings. Highly Recommended."

Artist’s Sketchbook Magazine

Article titled “Cramp Your Style; Giving yourself too much freedom to create can be a block in itself. Limit yourself a little and see the ideas pour out.” Excerpted from Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks with two Alexandria Levin painting illustrations. October 2004 issue.

Sunshine Artist

“The Books of Summer”; June 2004 issue. Review of Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks by Bill Sievert, editor. “...she finds fresh ideas in everything from buzzing bees to citrus peels. Levin’s writing style is breezy, and many of her ideas are innovative.” Sunshine Artist is one of the top magazines for professional artisans working the art fair and festival circuit.

Art Times (

Review in June 2004 of Creatively Unblocking Creative Blocks. “This chock-full book of ideas offers a wide variety of methods to think outside the envelope. Great for artists of all stripes.” Art Times is a New York based literary journal and resource for all the arts.
– Raymond J. Stener, editor